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things are going okay
Inside Beat Sessions: Cross Town Train

IB Sessions: Cross Town Train from The Daily Targum on Vimeo.

Senses Fail lead singer Buddy Nielsen
The Early November lead singer/guitarist Ace Enders
The Early November guitarist Joseph Marro and lead singer/guitarist Ace Enders
Yes Virginia drummer Nick Mezak
Made this album art for a song my boyfriend wrote years and years ago that he just posted on his tumblr now.  The song was called Sunrise, and he wrote it for a friend’s dance recital thingy.
subject-to-criticism: No problem. What do you shoot with?

Technically the D90 I have is my dad’s and it’s back at home.  I’m away at college and I work at the paper, and we have a closet of nikon gear.  Few D200s, D3100, 2 D7000s, and a D700.

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy SIII
A portrait of my boyfriend, Rico, Daytrotter style.
D700, 50mm
ISO 400, 1/320s, f/9

Firas, Rico, and I made this for my best friend Tiffany for my birthday.  However, she is a butt and didn’t listen/watch the video we made for her until a week later.  BUT, I miss her a lot, and I wish she came to Rutgers with me.  I SAW HER ONCE OVER WINTER BREAK </3